​  A gorgeous, mountainous paradise, Slovakia is one of the world's best kept       secrets. Rich golden fields contrast with deep green forests backed by spectacular   mountain ranges. Sweet villages slumber in the sunshine with church steeples   pointing to heaven. Flower-filled meadows filled with fluffy sheep or placid cows   are a frequent sight. Ancient onion-domed wooden churches are filled with the   incense and prayers of generations. Slovakia has castles galore, more castles per   capita than any country in the world, such a variety exists from ancient ruins to   grand palaces.

 While Slovakia is a thriving modern country with beautiful cities, it has maintained   much of the old traditions celebrated with special events and festivals throughout   the year. It's a place where you can step back in time and really feel what your   ancestor's lives were like. The people are warm and welcoming, food, beer and   slivovica are outstanding. History comes alive there. You can be proud of your Slovak or Rusyn roots in lovely Slovakia.

 Welcome to the Slovak Pride Database website, sponsored by the Slovak Heritage   & Folklore Society International. The database was begun some 30 years ago and   we now have 30,000 entries!

 Please enjoy browsing our list to find surnames and villages that might be a part of   your family tree. The format is Slovak surname in the first column, the second is   the village and old county name.

 We would like to include your surnames from Slovakia. To enter them or to obtain   contact information to reach any of the listers, e-mail editor Helene Cincebeaux at   helenezx@aol.com. We receive new listings frequently and will be updating this   website periodically.

 A sample copy of Slovakia magazine is available on request. To obtain one or ask a   question, contact Helene Cincebeaux via e-mail helenezx@aol.com or write to 7   Walt Place, Palm Coast, FL 32164.

 We have led Treasures of Slovakia tours each summer for the past 30 years and   have a 98% success rate in finding long-lost family. Plus our trip is a super   introduction to villages, festivals, castles, shrines, historic cities, wedding re-enact-   ments, crafts, customs and traditions, music and song, local dishes and unique   libations. Contact Helene above for more information.

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