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Slovak Heritage and Genealogy 

Welcome to the Slovak Pride Database website, sponsored by the Slovak Heritage & Folklore Society International. This database was updated in December 2020 and we now have some 30,000 entries!

Please enjoy browsing our list to find surnames and villages that are part of your family tree.

We would like to include your surnames from Slovakia. To enter them or to obtain contact information to reach any of the listers, e-mail editor Helene Cincebeaux at helenezx@aol.com. We receive new listings every day and will be updating this website periodically.

Information on contacting the lister (Descendant) is free but note that since this project has been on-going for over 30 years some e-mail or snail mail address may not function anymore but may give clues to village of origin.

A sample copy of Slovakia magazine is available on request. To obtain or ask a question contact Helene Cincebeaux via e-mail at helenezx@aol.com or write to  7 Walt Place, Palm Coast FL 32164.
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